Secondment or PEO Outsourcing

What is Secondment or PEO Outsourcing?

Secondment or Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) involves a Client shifting the employment of potential or existing headcount to Links International, and Links International seconding the employee back to the client under a services agreement. 
Links can arrange PEO or Secondment in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Cambodia.

When is Secondment or PEO Outsourcing used?

Two business growth situations in which Secondment or PEO Outsourcing would be beneficial are:

1. As a solution for headcount freezes and headcount caps.

Secondment is a perfect solution when a manager or employer has resource to employ but a limited ability to maintain or add headcount.  
In this situation, using Links’ Secondment or PEO Outsourcing enables the manager to move their existing or potential employees that they have identified under Links’ headcount, ensuring that the manager can use their budget to achieve the business outcomes despite the headcount freeze.  Links employs and payrolls the employees and seconds them onsite to provide services to the client.

2. As a solution for overseas expansion.

Secondment is a perfect solution for companies looking to expand in Asia but don’t have the headcount or a legal entity set up locally to employ the people they want to hire in Asia. Using Links’ Secondment or PEO Outsourcing service, Links can contractually employ the identified staff members and second those staff members to the client, enabling the client to benefit from the services of the local staff.  

What do Links International's Secondment or PEO Services include?

Our services include the following:

  • Discuss terms of employment
  • Prepare all necessary employment contracts directly with contract staff
  • Handle all pension fun enrolments and terminations
  • Administer monthly employee/employer contributions
  • Provide workers compensation insurance
  • Calculate employee salaries
  • Maintain employee salary records
  • Calculate annual leave
  • Maintain annual leave records
  • Calculate employee statutory sick leave
  • Maintain employee sick leave records
  • Maintain records of any unpaid leave

Secondment results in a flexible, low commitment approach without having to take on additional headcount.

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