Links Digital Interviews

Decrease your time to hire with Links Digital Interviews


What are Links Digital Interviews?

Links Digital Interviews are an award-winning, modern way to interview. Links’ candidates record answers to our interview questions using a computer and webcam, or mobile device. After the recording is finished, we send the candidate’s responses to our client so they can review and evaluate their skills and expertise. 
Shortly after launching Links Digital Interviews, the service was named ‘Best Recruitment Innovation’ at the 2015 Asia Recruitment Awards. 

Why Links Digital Interviews will benefit you

Convenience: Rather than take time away from your responsibilities to conduct and interview, we’re bringing the interview to you. Evaluate the interview anywhere, at any time that is most convenient for you.
Decreased time to hire: Screening candidates based on our digital interviews means you can quickly identify the candidates you want to take to the next stage.
Easy & Fair: All candidates receive the same set of questions, so you can evaluate each candidate objectively on how they respond to each question. If you forget which candidate gave which answer, just go back and review that question again. 
Universal application: Since the questions are the same for each candidate who takes a Links Digital Interview, these interviews can be used for any sector, whether it’s Banking & Financial Services, Sales & Marketing, HR & Administration, Retail, FMCG, Industrial or Temporary & Contract.

What our clients say

“We are really pleased with Links Digital Interviews. They give us valuable information about candidates that cannot be provided by resume. It really helps us to better shortlist candidates and not to mention saves us a lot of time going through piles of resumes.”
“Links Digital Interviews are user-friendly, save time and a great innovative tool for the HR industry.”
Tiffany & Co.

Reduce your time to hire with Links Digital Interviews